ICS ニューストピックス

ICS ニューストピックスは、Hipopos が独自に収集した重要インフラや制御システムのサイバーセキュリティに関するニュースについて掲載しているコンテンツです。

First death reported following a ransomware attack on a German hospitalZDNet2020-09-18
制御システムのセキュリティリスク分析ガイド補足資料:「制御システム関連のサイバーインシデント事例」シリーズ(事例6, 7)IPA2020-09-08
Facebook and Google drop plans for underwater cable to Hong Kong after security warningsZDNet2020-09-06
European ISPs report mysterious wave of DDoS attacksZDNet2020-09-06
White House publishes a cyber-security rulebook for space systemsZDNet2020-09-06
Un bug informatique, source de la pollution de l’AulneLe Telegramme2020-08-23
FERC, NERC release vendor cybersecurity guide to help identify Huawei, ZTE chipsUtility Dive2020-08-12
Vulnerable Cellular Routers Targeted in Latest Attacks on Israel Water FacilitiesSecurityWeek2020-07-24
NSA and CISA Recommend Immediate Actions to Reduce Exposure Across Operational Technologies and Control Systems CISA2020-07-24
Financially Motivated Actors Are Expanding Access Into OT: Analysis of Kill Lists That Include OT Processes Used With Seven Malware FamiliesFireEye2020-07-18
Ripple20:Treck TCP/IP协议栈漏洞分析与验证(附视频)启明星辰ADLab2020-07-06
US Senators Introduce 'Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act' - With Backdoor MandateBitcoin.com2020-06-28
Chinese bank forced western companies to install malware-laced tax softwareZDNet2020-06-28
Microsoft Acquires IoT/OT Security Leader CyberX to Enable Unified Security Across Converged IT and Industrial NetworksCyberX2020-06-23
Zero-day flaws in widespread TCP/IP library open millions of IoT devices to remote attackHelpNetSecurity2020-06-18
SparkCognition and Siemens Join Forces for Industrial Security SolutionSecurityWeek2020-06-13
Honda and Enel impacted by cyber attack suspected to be ransomwareMalwarebytes2020-06-11
Honda suffers suspected ransomware attackcomputing2020-06-10
CISS 2019 report and its addendum report are now available for downloadiTrust & SUTD2020-06-07
Snake ransomware leaks patient data from Fresenius Medical CareBleeping Computer2020-05-24
Chinese Hackers Target Air-Gapped Military NetworksSecurityWeek2020-05-16
Data likely stolen as Stadler IT system hit by cyber-attackIRJ2020-05-13
Foreign intelligence officials say attempted cyberattack on Israeli water utilities linked to IranThe Washington Post2020-05-13
Academics turn PC power units into speakers to leak secrets from air-gapped systemsZDNet2020-05-09
Taiwan’s state-owned energy company suffers ransomware attackcyberscoop2020-05-06
Citing hacking threats, Trump limits foreign-sourced equipment in U.S. electric sectorcyberscoop2020-05-02
Hackers Knew How to Target PLCs in Israel Water Facility Attacks: SourcesSecurityWeek2020-05-02
חשד למתקפת סייבר חריגה על שורת מתקנימים בישראלynet2020-04-28
Oil and Gas Firms Targeted With Agent Tesla Spywarethreat post2020-04-22
Hackers Targeting Azerbaijan Show Interest in SCADA SystemsSecurityWeek2020-04-18
Globale industrielle Cybersicherheit - zwischen Gefahr und VertrauenIndustry of things2020-04-18
RagnarLocker ransomware hits EDP energy giant, asks for €10M Bleeping Computer2020-04-16
サンフランシスコ空港のウェブサイトがサイバー攻撃の標的に Tech Crush2020-04-14
Living off the Land in ICS/OT CybersecurityDragos2020-04-14
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Keys Used to Encrypt Zoom Meetings Sent to China: ResearchersSecurityWeek2020-04-05
2020年 国内企業のIIoT/OTセキュリティ対策実態調査を発表IDC2020-04-05
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Kwampirs Malware Employed in Ongoing Cyber Supply Chain Campaign Targeting Global Industries, including Healthcare SectorFBI2020-04-01
Rare BadUSB attack detected in the wild against US hospitality providerZDNet2020-03-30
Automotive Cyber Security: A Crash Course on Protecting Cars Against Hackershashedout2020-03-30
Ameren Missouri supplier hit by ransomware attack amid growing concern for critical infrastructureUtility Dive2020-03-26
Trend Micro Patches Two Vulnerabilities Exploited in the WildSecurityWeek2020-03-20